A relationship somebody who was involving a ‘blesser’ can be very complicated, specifically if you appreciate her or him, the same way that Q really loves Dineo

By Phumlani Kango



Q and Dineo’s partnership on #MTVShugaDS got unique around the norm. Phumlani Kango provides some advice on ideas on how to evening some body comprehending that they’ve a blesser quietly.

Relationship a person who try a part of a ‘blesser’ can be quite tricky, particularly if you like her or him, the same manner Q adore Dineo. The definition of “Blesser” is utilized to explain what’s normally referred to as ‘Sugar Daddies’. These are typically seasoned guys (or females!) whom incorporate financially for their more youthful partners which financial arrangements are often in exchange for sex-related favours. Q’s a reaction to discovering Dineo happens to be valid because anybody would feeling some form of way in the event the person they certainly were witnessing got associated with people on the side.

I’ve never dated a person involved with a blesser before, but i could picture it thinks like discovering your honey was associated with some other person, regardless of active. It will eventually damaged, of course, but we must never be rapid to guage as soon as we have no idea of exactly what circumstances someone may be living with.

Q enjoys Dineo but can not show this lady get back sugars father. Ncoooh! They’d produce a cute pair haazi. #MTVShugaDS

Check Dineo case in point; she possesses a ‘blesser’ because she has to cover the girl expenses which help them mummy in the home. If an individual the person would like to be with is available about staying in much the same situation, then you definitely should go into the commitment totally aware about what you’re really setting yourself up for. Your don’t wish to be having jealous outbursts like Q achieved when he stated he or she defined yet , couldn’t.

Many people assume that becoming involved in blesser was a totally erotic trade. A specific amount of blessers actually wish a girl who wants to travel using them, ruin associated with presents, get them to fancy dinners, basically sales tours, indeed some just need somebody to consult with and absolutely nothing further. Most individuals in South Africa, when considering blesser agreements believe the escort sites Columbia MO strange matter, and that is understandable because community possess decorated a harmful picture of these agreements. The two believe that it’s prostitution or nothing around that qualities, therefore it’s clear the reasons why Q would react such as that from just what culture have presented him or her about these arrangements.

#MTVShugaDS therefore i’ll fully grasp this right, will this be the kind of life Q would be lifestyle & he had been searching play competitively with a person who has already made it, which is Hlomla the blesser. Ipeleng, you should Daniel will help you need to be relaxed and stop messing up. @MTVShugaDS @jezzyskei

With all things in existence, you must understand just how these plans include establish particularly if will be looking at going out with anyone who has a blesser. Understand their particular condition as you may select their own setup might work for your needs two. If blesser agreement try sexual then you certainly two would ought to speak about assessment frequently for HIV & STIs and even deciding on PrEP. These set-ups commonly for everybody if it really is available, next these are typically the main things to bear in mind.

Dineo tried out this model best to protect by herself no matter what when this beav believed she is at threat. Initial, when this hoe gone onto preparation and secondly whenever, after getting unsafe sex together blesser, she straight away went along to the woman fitness vendor to discover the woman options for avoiding condom incorporate and HIVs.

Her perceptions had been evidence that some people with blessers are not just involved when it comes to flashy goods and wine life style.

Are you willing to previously be in a predicament like Q’s? And just why?

A relationship somebody who was involving a ‘blesser’ can be very complicated, specifically if you appreciate her or him, the same way that Q really loves Dineo