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Location:Ching-Kuo Building 經國樓


In line with the national economic construction and technological development, also for the purpose to integrate the college’s research energy efficiently, the Office of Research and Development was established since 1999. The missions of the office are to promote the research and development works of the college, and play to role of being the major contact unit for external resources.

Highlight of Duties

  • To make effective use of the college research equipment and academic resources.
  • To enhance the communications and interactions with government and industry.
  • Promote technological development and the promotion of industrial technology upgrading.
  • Encourage the teaching faculties to seek for external research funding.
  • Undertake research projects from public sectors and private enterprises.
  • Implement student’s professional internships and their employment counseling.
  • Provide alumni services.
  • Implement students’ education with the demands from the industry.


  • Division of International Affairs and Cross Straight Exchange
  • Division of Research Projects and industrial-Academic Cooperation
  • Division of Job and Career counseling

Faculty and Staff

LAN, WEN-CHIEN 藍文謙  #610

Dean of Research and Development Department 研發長