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CKU ISRC The Opening Ceremony


TEL: +886-2-2437-2093 Ext. 360
E-MAIL: longtai68@ems.cku.edu.tw
Location: De-Yu Building 德育樓


About Indigenous Student Resource Center

  • According to the Directions for Indigenous Student Resource Center (2020), released by the Council of Indigenous Peoples and Ministry of Education, Taiwan, Indigenous Student Resource Center (ISRC) in Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health campus was established on September 29th, 2020.
  • The mission of IRSC is to provide consultations on school life, career, and ethnic education for indigenous students, and to promote and build a more multicultural friendly campus.
  • The Indigenous Student Resource Center was set up to build a friendly campus, improve the pipelines of studying indigenous culture, take care of indigenous students , and increase their confidence of who they are.


  • All kinds of scholarship information will be continually updated and posted on the website of the Student Assistance Division.
  • A scholarship applicant shall submit the required application documents to the Division in the application process.
  • A scholarship information system is available on the Division’s website for students to search for the information about any specific scholarship applications and/or results.

Social Media



ISRC Explore

Faculty and Staff

Chen, Shueh Fen 陳雪芬  #301

Director 主任


SHIH,LUNG TAI 石龍泰  #360

Secretary 秘書


Lai,Yi Wun 賴憶雯  #352

Project Clerk 專案人員


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