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TEL:+886-2-2437-2093 Ext. 230、231
Location:Chiang Kai-Shek Building 中正樓



The Department of Food and Health Science was established in 1988 with a five-year junior college program. In 2001, 2004 and 2008 the department gained the first-rate recognition thrice from MOE for the excellent performance. Now, the department offers a four-year college program for the Day and Night Division.

The aims of the department are to cultivate specialists in nutritional assessment, functional food development. food sanitary inspection and analysis etc. We cooperate with several food industries, hospitals, units of public health bureau, and research centers, which provide practical training environment and opportunities. Students can thus develop the second expertise and make themselves more competent in the fast changing marketplace.

The department has a variety of teaching laboratories for research and teaching. Each Lab is well-equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments. In addition, we set up a simulator to help students get professional licenses on “Food Technical Specialist ”, “Food inspection & Analysis ”, “Chinese Cuisine Cookery ” and “Food Baking ”.


Department & Division Features

Prepare students for three job markets- “health care production and procedure management”, “health care marketing and planning services”, and “health care research and education promoting”. The curriculum emphasizes the integration and application of technology and humanities in order to boost students’ job competitiveness. Arrange for students to food, health care-related industries, medical institutions, health agencies and research institutions for apprenticeship.



Courses for the Four-year College Program

Required Courses
Food processing Experiment of Food Processing
Food Microbiology Norman Nutrition
Biochemistry Biochemistry Experiment
Food Analysis Experiment of Food Analysis
Food Chemistry  
Physiology General Chemistry
Experimental of General Chemistry Microbiology
Marketing Management Experiment of Microbiology
Organic Chemistry Experiment of Organic Chemistry
Food Preparation Experiment of Food Microbiology
Food Preparation Practice Experiment of Normal Nutrition
Food Sanitation and Safety Food Sanitation and Safety & Experiment
Analytical Chemistry Experiment of Analytical Chemistry
Introduction to Health Foods  
Quantity Food Production Planning and Management Quantity Food Production Planning and Management & Practice
Baking Baking & Practice


Selective Courses
Introduction to Food  
Meal Planning Practice Experiment of Therapeutic Nutrition
Contaminants of Food Customer Relationship Management
Distribution Management Biostatistics
Data Analysis and Application in Statistics Organic Analysis in Food Science
Instrument Analysis Marine Food Science
Food Chemistry Food Biotechnology
Bioresearch and Utilization Examination of Extrinsic Substances in Food
Experiment of Sensory Evaluation Food Safety System
Dietary Weight Control and Practice Chinese Herb Cooking for Health
Application of Food Sanitation Laws Genetic Modified Food
Food Additives Management of Food Plant
Meal Planning Practice Experiment of therapeutic nutrition
Contaminants of Food Customer relationship management
Distribution management Biostatistics
Data analysis and apply in statistic Organic Analysis in Food Science
Instrument Analysis Bioresource and Utilization
Examination of Extrinsic Substances in Food Experiment of Sensory Evaluation
Food safety system Dietary Weight Control and Practice
Chinese Herb Cooking For Health Application of Food sanitation laws
Genetic Modified Food Food additives
Management of food plant  


Faculty and Staff

Yu-Ping Sun 孫豫蘋  #230

Associate Professor 副教授 / Chair 系主任



Ph. D., National Taiwan University


  • food microbiology
  • food fermentology

Pao-Hua Yeh 葉寶華  #232

Assistant Professor 助理教授



M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia (USA)


  • Public Nutrition
  • Food Processing
  • Diet Plan

Shu-Hui Hu 胡淑慧  #236

Instructor 講師



M.A., Chinese Culture University


  • Quantity food management
  • Bakery
  • Food Principles and Preparation
  • Menu Design

LAN-HSIN CHIN 金蘭馨  #235

Instructor 講師



M.A., Fu Jen Catholic University


  • Exercise and Human
  • Nutrition

ZHAN,JIA WEN 詹佳紋  #231

Project Clerk 專案人員


TONG,WANG CIH 童王慈  #231

Contract Staff 約聘人員



B.S., Fo Guang University


  • Clerical work