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As the health industry is booming up in Taiwan in recent decades, there was a great demand of the management professionals respectively. Accordingly, there was a great shortage of the professionals with the talents. Cultivating high-level professionals with the specific training was a real urgency and necessity. Therefore, the Graduate School of Health Industry Management was established in 2007 in response to the great demands of the high level human resources of this industry.

The graduate school integrated the resources and supports from the departments of nursing, child care, health leisure & sports, cosmetic applications, hospitality management, food & health care, information technology of this college to form a comprehensive and wide-ranging curriculum for training health industry management professionals.

The curriculum is designed to solve the problems from the major industries in the following three aspects:

  1. To train professionals to consolidate the health industry Most of the health-related industries are not capable of integrating inter-industry resources. The overall concept of developing health services also seems inadequate. Part of the health industry’s operations also seems to walk on the edge of medical regulations, which had prohibited the health industry from stepping on the right track. On the other hand, the lack of management and regulations counseling had also hinder the development of health-related industries and business. Through the integration of health-related areas, combining the expertise of industry management, this graduate school fosters professionals in this respect, in the hope that they will be capable of inter-industrial integrations, to improve the overall quality of personnel of the health industry, and thus shape the industrial system with a macro view.
  2. To building a high-leveled management personnel for the health industry, At present, most of the enterprise management personnel nurtured in Taiwan are made for the development of general manufacturing or general service sectors. However, health-related industries have their professional specialty. Thus, the health industry management personnel nurtured in our graduate school will be able to solve the current shortage of high-level human resources to upgrade the quality of the industry and strengthen the nation’s competitiveness.
  3. Responding to the national policies and gradually build high-quality health and leisure environment The sports administration of the Ministry of Education had made the policies to promote integrated resources of entertainment, culture, education, recreation, leisure, sports, agriculture, forestry and fishery. The administration had made a plan called “Healthy Recreation and Service promotion, with the hope to build Taiwan as a new kingdom of sport, and to build a high-quality health and leisure environment. The curriculum of this graduate school also wish to let students play their integration capacity, and thus to improve their own added value.

Faculty and Staff

Wen-Chin Wu 吳文欽  #850

Professor 教授 / Director 所長

CHU, HAU MIN 朱浩民  #283

Distinguished Chair Professor 講座教授

Iris Yi-Shin Liou 劉怡昕  #610

Associate Professor 副教授

Huang, Ting Chung 黃庭鍾  #853

Assistant Professor 助理教授

Ying-Chang Chen 陳盈璋  #280

Assistant Professor 助理教授

Horng-Shiang Chen 陳鴻祥  #502

Assistant Professor 助理教授

SHEN, CHING- MIN 沈靖敏  #851

Senior Clerk 組員